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ALU-Automobile Logistics Ukraine offers a vehicle capacity for 9,000 vehicles over an area of 120,000 m². Approx.

70 staff attend to the handling and warehousing of the vehicles. The vehicles arrive in Illychevsk mainly by short sea feeders and are carried by truck to the terminal in Kiev, where they are temporarily stored. These vehicles are then distributed throughout Ukraine. BLG ALU also offers technical processing of vehicles at its own on-site workshop and operates an own fleet of 26 trucks. The terminal has the highest customs status in the Ukraine. At the customs office located on the terminal grounds all imported goods can be cleared for customs within 24 hours.
The terminal is equipped with 2 siding tracks and 2 head ramps. The biggest client at this terminal is Toyota.

Technical center

The BLG technical center at the Kiev location offers processing services for vehicles made by diverse manufacturers at a high level of technical know-how. This includes washing, dewaxing, inspections and installation of extras.

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