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«Panta Rhei Ukraine LTD» the company offering a full complex of services in port and liner agency service, forwarding and transportation of cargoes by sea, by river, by truck and by rail.

«Panta Rhei Ukraine LTD» since September, 2007 is the liner agency in ports Ilichevsk/Odessa of Japan Company «MITSUI O.S.K. LINES, LTD», working on EBX line (the Near East – Black sea). On 2008 «Panta Rhei Ukraine LTD» has serviced the m/v «MOL MAAS» — one of the greatest container vessels, coming into port Odessa for all its history.

We are not limited by transportations of cargoes only in containers. The company is engaged in export-import transactions. We have organized and adjusted the intermodal department of the «Panta Rhei Ukraine LTD». Our employees will arrange sea and river transportations of bulk, bulk general cargoes, and also the equipment and the special mechanics. Routes of delivery of cargoes cover ports of the Mediterranean and Black seas, and also the Danube, Rhine, Main rivers and their channels and sleeves.

We are ready to offer you decisions on delivery of your cargoes thanks to the adjusted contacts to many shipowners companies and a wide network of partners worldwide. We have experience intermodal transportations (delivery of cargoes by several types of transport, including river, sea, trucks, in an appointment terminal point). If you – own the transport, we can help you with search of suitable cargoes.
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