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Another city, country or a neighbouring street is more than a new address.This is a new life, and it must begin with good moments – with a successful move. 

Yes, moving can bring a lot of positive emotions, since it is undertaken by a professional team of the KLS moving company. Successful experience in the international moving market gave an opportunity to hone the formula of harmonious cooperation with the client and allowed our company to take one of the leading positions in the following segments:
  • international moving;
  • transportation of apartment property;
  • transportation of office equipment;
  • cleaning services;
If you are interested in cargo transportation services, an expert from our moving company will help you to get detailed information on your request and make a preliminary assessment of the cost of transportation.
The standard service package includes: visit of an expert, assessment of the cargo (free), confirmation of the time and date of conduction of the works on the cargo’s transportation, dismantling and transportation, unloading and placing of the cargo in the premises, unpacking and removal of packaging materials.
The main office of our company is located in Kyiv, from where the administration of offices in the regions of the country and capitals of the world is carried out.
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